Current raw material and price developments

Raw material prices have been rising for some time now and the raw material prices in the seafood industry are unfortunately no exception. Almost all products have increased in price and due to the 2 years Covid-19 pandemic we are currently experiencing a negative impact on supply.

In addition to difficult supply and increasing in raw material prices we are facing increasing container and transport prices that have been going through the roof.

And to top things off we all need to deal with extremely high energy prices such as gas and petrol due to Russia’s ongoing invasion in Ukraine. So unfortunately there is no escaping serious price increases of seafood products at the moment or in the near future.

Although Omicron is, though very contagious, much more harmless than previous mutations, it results in many factories running at lower capacity due to Covid-19 related absence of production staff at origins. Nobody knows where and when this all will end of course, but we would not be the company we are without continuously investing in our future and customers. Although it is not like shooting fish in a barrel, we are still working hard on a daily basis to get the quality products you are accustomed to.




photo Source: Hyundai Merchant Marine