Key insights from the MSC Tuna handbooks

MSC has published a Sustainable Tuna handbook in 2021 with an update in 2022 with some interesting takeaways. For many years Interseafish have been supplying MSC certified tuna. Whilst tuna consumption has increased tremendously over the last decades, pressure on ecosystems has intensified equally with it. As we want to continue enjoying this delicacy on the long run, it is vital that we look after responsibly sourced fish. This handbook’s main purpose is to serve as a reference guide for the various aspects of tuna sourcing. Besides examining species, impacts and issues, it also examines how certain fisheries have gained their sustainability credentials or that are actively pursuing it and what actions they have taken, including issues like: improved observer coverage, improving management coverage to protect tuna in the long run and minimising fishery impacts on other species. We work with a MSC certified fishery to help secure tuna stocks and thereby contribute to the health of the marine environment and global fishing economy.

Visit the MSC website to read the MSC tuna handbooks!

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